Ruddy Productions


Ruddy Productions is looking for emerging artist including writers, directors, designers and technicians to further our mission of fostering an environment of collaboration and community which will translate into authentic, captivating experiences for our audiences.


Ruddy Productions is looking for  strong writers to have your work put up on its feet and showcased in front of an audience. We will be producing a reading series to develop works for future productions, in addition to short scripts for our New Works Festival. Send submissions to:

Designers & Technicians

Ruddy Productions is looking for designers, and technicians to collaborate on future productions. Please send your resume to:


Ruddy Productions is the heart that pumps the blood of creativity and artistry in each of it’s members. We are a family of deeply passionate artists dedicated to truthfully examining the human experience. Ruddy strives to create brave, courageous, compassionate new works in a collaborative environment for artists.


Ruddy Productions began in June 2013, just a few months after the company members graduated from the two year acting conservatory at the prestigious Maggie Flanigan Studio in NYC. The studio gave us the crafting, the confidence and the vision that we all strive for as actors. Towards the end of our time at the Maggie Flanigan Studio, we discovered that one of the strongest resources we had as emerging artists was each other.


Ruddy Productions is looking for emerging directors to collaborate in the Ruddy Readings Monthly Series, future productions, and the New Works Festival. Please send your resume to: